2017 Bank Windhoek Triennial

Thursday, 12.10.2017 (ends 28.10.2017)
08:00 - 17:00
National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN)
Crn. Robert Mugabe Avenue and John Meinert Str.

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to announce The 2017 Bank Windhoek Triennial exhibiton officially opening on Friday, 1 September 2017 at 18h00; the exhibition will run until 28 October 2017.

At the NAGN, the year 2017 brings with it the fourth iteration of the Bank Windhoek Triennial. This event is a nationwide arts exhibition and competition that happens every three years. The first Bank Windhoek Triennial happened in 2008, with two more since then in 2011 and 2014, bringing us to the fourth event of this kind happening in September this year. Large-scale art exhibitions such as this happen all over the world in many different countries.

Organised by the NAGN, with the sponsorship of Bank Windhoek, the Triennial aims to celebrate visual art in Namibia as well as to raise the standard thereof. This exhibition is also an opportunity to engage in dialogue around cultural diversity within our society to promote unity in celebrating diversity. All artists with Namibian citizenship, domicile or permanent residence were invited to apply to be part of this exhibition. An adjudication panel of 3 local and 2 international judges made a selection of artworks for the exhibition as well as for prize-winners.

Being a part of a Bank Windhoek Triennial and exhibiting at the National Art Gallery of Namibia are huge accolades for Namibian artists. Selected artworks will be exhibited in the Bank Windhoek Triennial exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in Windhoek. The exhibition opens on 1st September and closes on 28th October 2017. There are four cash prizes which will be awarded to the most exceptional artworks based on the set criteria: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and a ‘most promising young artist’ award. These will be announced at the opening.

From over 350 entries the judges chose 70 artworks by 60 artists. In their report on the process of selection the Judges wrote “The competition and its resultant exhibition demonstrates that Namibian art is alive and well and evinces a vibrancy, passion and commitment to excellence that speaks loud and clear.” (Frauke Stegmann, Andrew Lamprecht, Maureen de Jager, Ervast Mtota, Zodidi Gaseb).

In her foreword for the catalogue, Baronice Hans (Managing Director, Bank Windhoek) said that “Bank Windhoek prides itself on being a connector of positive change through initiatives such as the Bank Windhoek Triennial. We encourage Namibians from all walks of life to connect to art.” With their dedicated support to projects like this one, Bank Windhoek achieves this goal.”

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