Carved: An exhibition of sculptures by Kudzanai Katerere

Saturday, 12.08.2017 (ends 26.08.2017)
10:00 - 13:00
The Project Room
32 Jenner Street

Born in 1983, Zimbabwean sculptor Kudzanai Katerere grew up in the Nyanga District with the distant sound of stones being chiselled in the nearby forest.

Exposed to the rich tradition of Zimbabwean stone sculpting, Kudzanai's talent was evident from a young age and he picked up sculpting when he was in primary school and has won awards and recognition since.

From partaking in artist residencies, winning A Young Sculptor award from the African Millennium Foundation in 2006, to being featured by the BBC for being Zimbabwe's best selling young sculptor in 2011, just to name a few, his work has been recognized and admired both regionally and abroad, in exhibitions held in Canada, Czechoslovakia, Germany, UK, US, South Africa and Namibia.

Inspired by the mountains and forests from his childhood home, his work can best be described as ethereal and spiritual, bringing the elements, the heavens and forces of nature into one.
'Carved', is his first solo exhibition and illustrates his skill and range as a sculptor, from small curvaceous figurines that pay homage to women and celebrate their femininity, to his larger sculptures that work around themes of spirituality and larger than life forces on earth - Kudzanai is able to breathe life into stone.

'The stone that speaks' as the artist describes it, is not only about the story that he tries to tell through his sculptures, but the stories that the stones speak to him, like when he starts working on a piece he has no idea where it might take him, but the stone speaks to him, and guides him where to end up.

Much like the three blind men told to describe an elephant, is an analogy of a distinct style, here the artist is creating pieces that are multi-dimensional, where what you see all depends on your perspective and each side of the stone tells a unique story of its own.

Carved: An exhibition of sculptures by Kudzanai Katerere is brought to you by the Namibian Arts Association who is dedicated to the development and promotion of art and artists in Namibia.

The exhibition will be opened by internationally acclaimed sculptor Dörte Berner, on 11 August 2017 at 18h00.Drinks and refreshments will be served and artworks are available for purchase.
On Saturday, 19 August at 17h30 a presentation will be held by the artist.
For any enquiries please contact Elize at 061-302261 or
The exhibition will be on from 12 -26 August 2017 at The Project Room at 32 Jenner Street, Windhoek West.

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