WhatsON Media and Consulting is a registered company, founded in 2014 by Delia Magg-Thesenvitz.

Who we are

Delia Magg-Thesenvitz - Delia runs and represents the business.

Tracey Pictor - Tracey helps with media production, marketing and contributes blog posts for WhatsON Namibia. She is also writing her own blog.

What we do

Our main project is www.whatsonnamibia.com - Namibia's number one online portal for events and leisure time activities.

Besides that we also consult in the field of marketing, PR, project and website management.

When you should contact us

When you want to promote your event, your venue.

When you want to redesign your website.

When you need a (digital) marketing strategy.

When you need someone to write press releases for you.

When you need someone to manage a media or marketing project.

Who has worked with us

All the people, NGO and companies that submit events and specials to us.

We consult or have consulted for:

Ndapunikwa Investments

Candles 'n More & Factory

Konrad Adenauer Foundation