Good Bye Lenin!

Friday, 15.11.2019
Teater Huis

Entrance is free. German with English subtitles. The movie: GDR, summer 1978: Sigmund Jähn is the first German in space onboard the "Soyus 31". Alex Kerner's father also leaves his country and goes west. One is a hero, the other a deserter. The men from the state security agency visit Alex's mother and cause a first mental breakdown. Upon her return from hospital, the woman becomes an activist, while the rest of the family continues its socialist life – until autumn 1989. Alex takes part in the "evening walk", a demonstration for freedom which is brutally broken up by representatives of the state. On her way to a celebration in the "Palast der Republik", the woman sees how her son is brutally beaten up. She breaks down, is taken to hospital far too late and is now in a coma following a heart attack. The Berlin Wall falls, Honecker departs and the Kerner's flat is upgraded to western standards. Alex's mother, however, misses out on the victory of capitalism. She awakes in summer 1990. The doctor declares that excitement of any kind could prove fatal for the patient. Alex is forced to conceal the demise of the SED regime from her at first, but what will happen when the woman returns home, albeit confined to bed? What follows is the story of GDR nostalgia in practice: from reconstruction of the bedroom at home to the search for familiar Spreewald gherkins, a traditional product which rapidly disappears from the market and is replaced by western products. In his despair, the boy transfers modern products into old packages and the east-west swindle is successful. Ever more desperate measures are needed to keep up the illusion as the mother recovers her health. Alex spares no effort to celebrate her birthday; he invites old comrades, and boys from the "Young Pioneers" which have long since been disbanded come to sing songs praising their socialist homeland. He even manages to solve the problem of the media with the help of a friend: Denis is a born propagandist who merges pictures from his video camera with archive material from the former GDR and gives the material new meaning. Alex's mother falls for the swindle, not only on account of the tricks used, but also because of her limited imagination which cannot go further than October 89.

Presented to you by the German Embassy Windhoek in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Namibia.

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