New Beginnings

Thursday, 14.02.2019 (ends 09.03.2019)
08:00 - 17:00
National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN)
Crn. Robert Mugabe Avenue and John Meinert Str.
Khomas (Windhoek)

The National Art Gallery of Namibia is excited to host the 10th iteration of the College of the Arts’ New Beginnings exhibition. This exhibition represents the work of College of the Arts Graduates, both recent and from the last 10 years of diploma tuition in the Department of Visual Art and Fashion Design. The popular and innovative work of COTA graduates grants the public a chance to see new work by fresh graduates in visual arts.

New Beginnings was initiated as a springboard for young visual artists who are at the beginning of their artistic careers. The College of the Arts offers accredited diploma qualifications. The students are introduced to a variety of material and medium across a wide range of subjects including traditional fine art techniques as well as contemporary explorations of current issues and themes. During the first two years of tuition, students complete a series of workshops designed to further their knowledge and skills in these areas, while in their third year, students are encouraged to select a contemporary research theme and create a body of work which explores this theme.

After graduation, many COTA graduates decide to further their studies at the University of Namibia, while some of them take up work as art teachers in the formal and informal education sectors. Two COTA graduates have set up their own small art centres, one in Havana, an informal settlement in Windhoek, and the other in Okahao, in Northern Namibia. COTA now accepts students who have started their creative journeys towards becoming fully qualified artists from these two centres.

The exhibition will display work selected from the class of 2018 3rd year students’ presentations while other works are submitted by past students. These works are made outside the College of the Arts by graduates who are now practising as professional artists in the Namibian art community.

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