StArt Art Gallery presents 'Finding Power' at RMB Turbine Art Fair 2020

Thursday, 17.09.2020 (ends 23.09.2020)
00:15 - 23:55
RMB Turbine Art Fair (Virtual)

We are pleased to share the details of our exhibition of Namibian artists at this year’s edition of the RMB Turbine Art Fair! The RMB Turbine Art Fair (RMB TAF) is a unique South African art fair that brings together exhibitors from around the country to present, sell and celebrate art. Due to the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, this eighth edition is going virtual this year – a first of its kind in South Africa. RMB TAF has become the epicentre of emerging art in South Africa. It presents a space for the showcasing of established and new talent in an environment that is immersive, accessible and inclusive. RMB TAF 2020 launches with a VIP preview on 27 August, opens to the public on 28 August, and runs until 23 September 2020.

At StArt Art Gallery, our vision has always been to highlight contributions of conceptually dynamic and technically excellent contemporary Namibian art to the local, as well as African and International artworlds. By participating in this art fair, we are showcasing the works of three Namibian artists on an international platform dedicated to contemporary art. Finding Power is our virtual exhibition at RMB TAF 2020, made up of works by sculptor and printmaker Elisia Nghidishange, painter Nicky Marais and mixed media artist Fillipus Sheehama.

In 1990, Namibia formally adopted its first democratic constitution, drafted by an elected assembly just one month prior to official independence from the illegal occupation by the Apartheid regime of South Africa. Along with the dawn of a democratic age came the work of un-learning and re-learning integrated ways of being as a new society, of working towards a more just and equal system while attempting to heal the traumas of the past. Thirty years on, how has power been redistributed, if at all?

Elisia Nghidishange, Fillipus Sheehama and Nicky Marais are three Namibian artists whose work takes on this search and makes visible the power structures that present themselves as normal. These artists not only challenge and critique existing power structures, but in doing so they engage in their own individual power. They are taking up space in places where space has not been made for them. This is a political and personal act, a meeting of public and private spheres, of material and emotional relationships. They are, in multiple ways, finding power.

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