Why do you want me to use your submission form? Can I not just e-mail the poster or press release?

Who knows best about the event, gets all updates, knows how to approach your target audience, and how to make your sponsors happy? You. And we want you to have full control of what is entered and when it is entered, and also be the one who feels responsible for the information posted. WhatsOn Namibia is a platform that you can use, just like Facebook and others. And you would not send Mark Zuckerberg a press release, would you? read more >>

I want to advertise!

If you want to advertise an event or a speciall, please fill out the submission form. If you want to place a banner advertisement please contact us for rates and availability. read more >>

I see that also NGO have banner on your page. Do they also pay?

We donate some of the advertising space to NGO.

Can I only list events happening in Windhoek?

No, WhatsOn Namibia is open to everyone. You can list any event happening in Namibia.

Do you sponsor events?

We sponsor every event by giving event organisers free and effective advertising space. This will make you attract more spectators, sell more tickets, more drinks, more CDs, gain new members, etc. And sponsors will also be more interested if they see how much mileage your event gets.

How can listing of events be free of charge?

We want everyone to be able to make use of WhatsOn: every NGO, every sport club, school, cultural insitutution, etc. That's our mission and that's how we roll. read more >>

How do you make money?

We charge for some of our listings and the banner advertisements.

Who made this website?

Concept: WhatsON Media and Consulting
Corporate Design: Tons of Ideas Design Solutions
Web design and development: Smartmove