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Macadam Street

Grüner Kranz complex

Khomas (Windhoek)
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Coffee Shop

“Life is more fun if you play games”, Roald Dahl wrote in his novel My Uncle Oswald and it is hard to put it any simpler than that. With today’s busy schedules, stressful daily grind and technology-filled free time, it is often easy to forget to slow down and go back to the basics. Could the counter to the onslaught of continuous strain be as simple as sitting down with a good cup of coffee and enjoy a round of Scrabble with friends? That’s what we at Imagine Games imagine and believe.

Imagine Games Café is a new, born-in-Windhoek establishment, themed around games as the  name says it. Playing traditional board and card games have always been popular past-times among friends, and it seemed only logical to build a venue where everyone could come together and have a good time.

The café is in the beautiful setting of the Old Grüner Kranz Hotel, the oldest Hotel in Windhoek making it easily accessible to anybody in the city.  The magnificent old theater hall of the hotel presents an ideal setting to offer a wide selection of board and card games for anyone to play, as well as a small library of books to read if that is your preference. If you wish, you might just close your eyes for a moment listening to music during your lunch hour, or challenge a stranger to a game of chess. Don’t worry if you are not into games though, anyone is welcome to come by for a coffee and a bite to eat from our daily changing lunch buffet.

The menu is modest, but created with care. You will find the traditional coffee selections and a few carefully crafted sandwich dishes. The breads are sourced from local “baking-wizards”, Le Pain Bakery. Those who want something sweet might try our delicious home baked cakes and our special recipe pan cakes. Imagine Games Café is open from Monday to Wednesday from 9h00 to 17h00 and Thursdays to Saturdays from 9h00 to 22h00, and they will gladly put any item on the menu for take-away for those “on the go”.

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